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Rider of the Week, Tim Farmer!

Rider of the week, Tim Farmer.

Why do you ride? I ride for fitness, getting out I to the country oh and beer.

What do you dislike about cycling? not knowing enough about bikes to be able to build my own, not looking good in lycra lol. Oh and when there isn’t beer.

What do you like about cycling? freedom fitness endorphins. Good company and the beer after.

What is your favourite Bike? not had many bikes myself but the Kinesis I had stolen was great.

And on your bucket list? Bucket list: another 100 mile ride and a full iron man triathlon.

What is your Drink at the Cafe stops? Vanilla latte or beer lol

Toughest hill you have taken on? Toughest hill. Don’t know the names but you’ve seen me walk them lol

Music to listen to while repeating Style Cop climbs? usually motivational speeches to get me to the top .


Kelly Roland Motivation.

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