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Rider of the week, Michael Bryant!

Rider of the week, Michael Bryant (founder member)

Why do you ride? I cycle to keep fit mix with likeable people and have a laugh. I was one of the founder members of the club I bought a bike from ebay for £30 to see if I liked it. I couldn’t of envisaged the club growing as it has.

What do you dislike about cycling? The only thing I dislike about cycling is the idiot motorists who seem to hate cyclists.

What do you like about cycling? I am proud to of been the leader of the Tranquillo ride which brings in so many new cyclists to our great club. My biggest regret is that I didn’t get into cycling at an earlier age.

What is your favourite Bike? I have a soft spot for my Carrera even though I don’t get out on it much these days as my Boardman is much lighter.

And on your bucket list? LEJOG is something I would love to do.

What is your Drink at the Cafe stops? Drink at the café black coffee (Hardcore)

Toughest hill you have taken on? The most painfull hill has to be buttermilk still need to conquer it

Music to listen to while repeating Style Cop climbs? The music has to be Pretender by the Foo Fighters, perfect for spinning those pedals.

Foo fighters Pretender.


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