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Rider of the Week, Dave Brookes!

Rider of the Week, Dave Brookes!


Rider of the week,

Why do you ride? Originally started as a way to get fitter until I had a decent bike bought me for my 40th birthday almost twenty years ago since then it’s become a bit of an obsession just love being out on the bike regularly commute to work now haven’t driven a car for well over 16 years so I’ve probably seen more of the countryside than I would ever would have.

What do you dislike about cycling? Have to say can be be a bit scary at times while commuting also haven’t got time for bike snobs who are quite quick in passing judgment on you before really knowing you .

What do you like about cycling? Over the years I’ve got to meet some great people in various clubs. I found SOCC through some cycling buddies and I have to say best thing I ever did joining the club 12 months ago. Really helped me improve my cycling and I’ve met some great people, and got to see some of our great countryside. I won’t bore you with all my various injuries over the last twelve months I think they are well documented and I prefer to look to the future

What is your favourite Bike? I love the styling on the Italian bikes but I’ve got a Trek Madone which isn’t bad

And on your bucket list? Achieved quite a few of them but the one I’d really like to do is LEJOG maybe one year il get to do it

What is your Drink at the Cafe stops? Favourite drink at coffee stops has to be cappuccino and cake !!

Toughest hill you have taken on? For me it’s the climb up to Ipstone on The Derbyshire Dales Audax 160k never seems to get any easier .

Music to listen to while repeating Style Cop climbs? Being into Northern Soul for over 40 years Nolan Porter ( Keep on Keeping On )

Daves Tune keep on keeping on.

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