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Beginners ride success.

On Saturday 26th January S.O.C.C put on a new riders 14 mile bike ride. The event was well attended by S.O.C.C members who helped with the organisation and running of the event.

There were plenty of new faces in attendance despite the weather conditions being far from desirable. The riders themselves gave very good feedback on how well it went.

Setting out from Shire Oak Public house the two groups headed out towards the local village on Stonnall. From here the progressed out to Shenstone and then through many country lanes finding their way into the outskirts of Little Aston. The ride took on it’s only memorable inclineup Hobs Hole lane which each rider made it up with no issues. it was then back to the Oak for a debrief and some well deserved back slapping.

This event will be run again and hopefully once a month henceforth.

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