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Rider of the Week, Ken Clements

Rider of the week, Ken Clements

Why do you ride?
Age…..60. Started cycling to get fit and keep up with the son on his snowboard and last the day out in the alps. First bike I bought was a calibrate bossnut from go outdoors (mountain bike).
After about 3 months bought a cheap road bike from Halfords, just in case I didn’t like it, but I did. Then I joined SOCC and I’m loving it so much so, I have since bought another 2 bikes, Planet X Pro and a trek edmonda sl5, (where does it end ?)
I only went in to have my wheel bearing done and came out with the trek.

What do you dislike about cycling?
Spending loads a money on Bikes lol.

What do you like about cycling?
Being part of SOCC, long may it continue.

What is your favourite Bike?
Love them all.

And on your bucket list?
I have done a few big rides, Shenstone audax, 62 miles, but me and a few others got lost and did an extra 10 miles, then biking to and from the start point added another few miles, did 82 miles that day lol.
Brewood challenge was another big ride, another 62 miler, but I biked there and back making it about 80 miles that day. One day I will hit the magical 100.

What is your Drink at the Cafe stops?
Latte is my drink, any cake apart from something with coffee or too much chocolate in it, strange I know, because I love a coffee and love chocolate.

Toughest hill you have taken on?
The hardest I have done is the mad summer hare, cramped up on first hill and struggled rest of way, having to stop a few times on next couple of hills. I missed last hill making it 95 miles for that day.

Music to listen to while repeating Style Cop climbs?
I like music, Eminem.


Eminem Stan

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