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Rider of week Simon Woodward.

Rider of the Week, Simon Woodward.

Why do you ride? Started riding at 2 and never stopped riding in 50 years.

What do you dislike about cycling? Nothing really, Happy solo or in a group.

What do you like about cycling? It’s simple really I love all things mechanical. I love anything I can tinker with and have always mucked about with bikes. I like making something a little different and really like making something simple.

What is your favourite Bike? Simple is more as far as I am concerned which of the 13 bikes I own my Single Speed is the bike that fascinates me the most. Its the simplest purest form of cycling. There are no badges, the whole thing is black and it has just one gear, its the cycling equivalent of a Model T Ford. You are so limited by one gear you have to micro manage every aspect of your ride and so it improves your technique for when you are on a geared bike.

And on your bucket list? The Way of the Roses and definitely TT on a traditional framed bike.

What is your Drink at the Cafe stops? Latte and Carrot Cake every time in the cafe.

Toughest hill you have taken on? Hell fire Pass Wales.

Music to listen to while repeating Style Cop climbs? In my head when tackling a long difficult hill I sing Paul Weller’s Wild Wood Album in my head. For speed Break and Enter or Breath by Prodgiy.

Paul Weller.


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